With the current situation of the Nigerian economy, every sector is trying to see what they can contribute to make the nation better. Nollywood actor, producer and director, Desmond Elliot, has made his contributions in form of a piece of relevant advise to the Federal Government. The thespian says the FG should take advantage of the entertainment industry to attract youths to agriculture.

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‎Elliot, who is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly representing Surulere Constituency, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on April 11. He urged the government to invest in the entertainment industry as it has the capacity to influence young minds as well as inspire them to get involved in the agricultural sector, which is one very resourceful area of the nation’s economy.

He said:

“Firstly, it has to do with government accepting the fact that Nollywood is a big industry; once there is no belief in that, there is nothing Nollywood can do‎. But I do believe that the government believes in that; so what we can do next is see what the programmes are concerning agriculture and then we as Nollywood can ask if we can participate in it so that in our films we can inculcate that spirit of agriculture and agricultural produce, encourage the use of agricultural themes in our films. That would help rapidly.”

“We are good message changers, we help in changing thoughts and minds concerning a particular aspect and Nollywood will move full force into it. Once you begin to see it as a priority, then you invest heavily in it. It is used as a propaganda tool, it is used for the propagation of a better image for your country and the industry cannot die because it is an exotic industry.”

“And when I say that I am not just talking about films, I am talking about film, music, comedy. And then it is a great, massive employer of labour; all these we need to put into one to understand this and we are getting there. I am hoping that sooner, we will have Nollywood out of a desk, out of an office to become a sector in the economy of Nigeria.”

Desmond also said that although it took a while for Nigerian government to understand the importance of entertainment industry, if they explore the sector, the benefits would be unending.

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