Sometimes the skin is so raw, inflamed and may even have a hard crust on top, that even the most potent of steroid creams can’t seem to get through and calm the Eczema and dry skin. In addition to the pain of having itchy inflamed skin, sleep is also affected and as we all know poor quality sleep has a huge knock on effect on many other aspects of your life including your concentration at work, getting sick more easily because you’re run down and it can cause your emotions to be all over the place.

However there is a technique known as wet wraps which can help soothe and calm the skin. The technique can not only leave the skin feeling supple, but with your skin feeling less irritated, it can help you sleep that much better.

What are wet wraps – this is a technique where two layers of tubular cotton bandaging are placed on top of your dry and itchy skin.


1. Apply a thick layer of emollient cream or ointment, as you would normally before going to bed.

2. Measure the length of the body part you wish to apply wet wraps to and then cut two equal strips of tubular cotton bandage equal to this length.

3. Take one of the strips of tubular cotton bandage and dip this in warm water, wringing out the excess water before placing it on to the body part you are applying the wet wrap to (e.g the arm, leg etc.).

4. Place the other strip of tubular cotton bandage on top of the wet bandage you have already put on.

5. Repeat the process for all your/ your child’s other limbs and areas of your body.

Benefits – Wet wraps were particularly useful for my children in helping them get a good night sleep, by cooling and soothing their skin. They also protect the skin from infections caused by scratching, as they form a barrier between your finger nails and your red inflamed skin. The net result is a faster healing process.

N.B. Minimising Damage Due To Night Time Scratching

If you/ your child’s skin isn’t particularly inflamed and all you want to do is prevent skin damage during the night, consider wearing mittens made from a light weight cotton material. However these aren’t always readily available, so you may have to make these yourself or get these made.

Fact Eczema can not be cured. Most Doctors agree, a permanent cure does not exist. However you can live a life of being completely free of this condition, by identifying the triggers and treating the symptoms. To eliminate your eczema in 30 Days or less following a simple and logical eczema treatment plan using only treatments and tactics recommended by medical professionals, visit